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The Warmth of Fur


Mac settled himself a little deeper into his chair, swirling the brandy in his glass. The amber liquid in the snifter reflected the light from the fire that was warming the barge. A feeling of contentment drifted over him as he took a sip. Setting the glass down, he picked up the book from his lap.

The contented feeling shattered as he simultaneously felt immortal presence and heard a loud banging on his front door. "Damn. What now?" Setting the book aside, he cautiously made his way across the room, picking up his katana along the way. The banging continued. Now that he was really listening, it actually sounded more like hammering. Puzzled, he opened the door and peered out.


"Hi, Mac!"

"What the hell are you doing?"

Hammer in hand, Methos was examining something over the door. Mac stuck his head out and looked up. He frowned.

"Mistletoe? You're nailing mistletoe over my door?" He raised one eyebrow and looked at the smirking Methos standing on his doorstep.

"Come on, Mac. It's an ancient custom. And I don't mean the kissing part, that actually came much later." Methos reached up and straightened the large sprig of mistletoe hanging over the door. "The druids would cut branches of it during the winter solstice and hang them over their doorways as protection against thunder, lightning and other evils." He leveled his gaze at Mac, a very slight smile crinkling the corners of his mouth.

Mac grinned. "Well in that case…" He stepped aside and waved Methos inside.

Methos shrugged out of his coat and tossed it across the sofa on his way to the refrigerator. He stopped when he encountered the brandy bottle on the counter. "What have we here? Mind if I have a glass?" he asked even as he was getting another snifter from the cupboard.

"Be my guest," Mac said with a heavy dose of sarcasm. He followed Methos through the room, picking up the coat and hanging it on a hook as he went. He returned to his chair and watched Methos sink into the sofa opposite him, brandy glass in hand.

Methos swirled the liquor several times, inhaled its fragrance deeply, and finally took a swallow. He raised an eyebrow at Mac. "I see you've brought out the good stuff for the occasion." Settling back, he propped his legs on the table in front of the sofa and lifted his glass in a toast. "Happy Birthday, Mac."

Mac lifted his glass in return, and looked warmly at the man sitting across from him. "Thanks, Methos." They both drank to that.

Methos' eyes widened in mid swallow, and he coughed. "Oh, damn! I almost forgot." Popping up from the sofa, he set his glass on the table and strode back to the door. He disappeared outside for a moment, returning with a large and lumpy package in his hands. He dropped the package into Mac's lap and returned to his spot on the sofa.

"Well, it's a good thing it isn't heavy," Mac mumbled, but he was grinning as he said it. "What is this?"

Methos rolled his eyes. "It's a birthday present, Mac."

Mac tossed an exasperated look in Methos' direction as he picked up the package and turned it over in his hands. It was kind of squishy. There was no bow, no ribbon, and looked as though it had been awkward to wrap without a box.

"Christ, it's not going to bite you. Open it for god's sake!" Methos groused.

Mac stuck a finger into the seam and ripped the paper aside. He blinked. "It's a fur."

"It's a blanket," Methos corrected.

"It's a fur blanket," Mac said as he shoved the paper on the floor and unfolded the length of dark fur. It was indeed a large throw blanket, and it was indeed made of fur. "It's beautiful," he said, running his hand over the lush softness. He raised his eyes to Methos. "And interesting."

Methos sighed. "It's always so bloody cold in here; I thought it would be a nice thing to have around."

Mac narrowed his eyes, but there was amusement in his voice. "You're the one who's always complaining about the cold."

Methos looked up at Mac over the rim of his brandy snifter. "Yes, well, you can use it to keep warm when I'm not around."

Inexplicably, Mac's heart did a little tap dance in his chest. Methos' tone was casual, but his eyes were smoldering. Weren't they? It had flashed by so quickly, leaving him to wonder if he'd imagined it. Maybe it was just a trick of the firelight in the room. But even as he dismissed it he had to wonder at his reaction. His feelings were often so unexpected and varied when he was with Methos. Nothing should surprise him anymore.

Maybe the old man was toying with him. He did seem to get a perverse sort of amusement from keeping Mac off balance. But was the game taking on a hint of sexual teasing now? Mac's mind skipped over the places that might lead to. He found the anticipation was electric.


A log slipped in the fireplace, sending a shower of crackling sparks swirling up the chimney. It sounded loud in the quiet room, and Mac awoke with a start, only then realizing he'd been dozing. After Methos left, he'd gone back to his book, but the combination of the warmth from the fire and the fur blanket in his lap had lulled him into sleep. And dreams. Mac frowned, trying to clear his head and grasp hold of the image that was fading away now that he was awake. The attempt was futile, and it was gone before he could bring it into focus. However the feeling the dream had left him with was also keeping his body warm. He was tingling with arousal.

Mac rubbed the bulge in his jeans. Closing his eyes again, he slid his left hand over his chest, feeling his nipples harden through the fabric of his shirt. He teased them with his fingernails, sending erotic excitement running through his body and straight to his groin. Opening his jeans, he pulled out his cock, feeling it harden even more as he took it in his hand. He stroked himself slowly, writhing in the chair with pleasure. He opened his eyes to look at his cock, and to watch his hand sliding over its length.

The fur blanket had slid off onto the floor, and with a gleam in his eye, Mac reached for it. He rubbed the soft fur over his cock, groaning with the sensual feel of it against his sensitive skin. He wrapped his hand in the fur and pumped his cock slowly into it, hips moving in time with the rhythm. He groaned aloud. Tilting his head back in the chair, Mac closed his eyes, letting the sensations overtake him. The fur was so soft and teasing, caressing him.

He loved how the fur blanket felt around his cock, and moaned in a new appreciation of the gift Methos had brought him. He felt his orgasm building, and he let himself go with it. Suddenly and inexplicably, the image of Methos sitting on his sofa earlier and the desire Mac had thought he'd seen ever so briefly in his eyes came to mind just as he climaxed. His body shuddered, and he cried out as he came. He continued to stroke himself throughout the aftershocks, allowing his spent body to go limp in satisfied relaxation.

Suddenly Mac's eyes opened wide as he realized what he'd done. He'd made a royal mess of the fur blanket. Zipping his pants, he took the blanket into the kitchen and managed to towel off the worst of it. He was going to have to take it to the cleaners though.

"Shit," he swore. "Shit, shit, shit." Folding the blanket, he tossed it onto the floor of his closet and headed into the bathroom to shower.


Marcel's was aglow with candlelight that night. Mac sat at a table surrounded by his closest friends - Joe, Amanda, and Methos. A favorite of Mac's for special occasions, Marcel's offered a comfortable elegance and good food. They had dined on mussels, sea scallops, duck and wild mushrooms, accompanied by several bottles of merlot. They were finishing the evening with champagne and slices of their sinfully rich signature dessert, La Marquise au Chocolat.

Joe lifted his glass in a toast. "Mac. Happy birthday, my friend." As all four glasses met in the middle of the table, Mac smiled at each of them. His eyes lingered on Methos for a moment. For once Methos' guard appeared to be down, and the look on his face was one of warmth and affection. Mac's heart did that tap dance thing again. Methos didn't look away so quickly this time, and the corners of his mouth turned up in a smile.

"Thank you all, this has been a wonderful birthday," Mac said.

Amanda sipped her champagne and smiled at him. "I'd say we should do this more often, but I don't think my waistline could handle it." She covered Mac's hand with hers, and her eyes sparkled with genuine warmth. "I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful year for you, darling."

Mac smiled and looked down at their hands. Bringing hers to his lips, he kissed it. "Thank you, Amanda. I hope so too."

"And as much as I love being surrounded by handsome and charming men, I have a plane to catch. Try not to have too much fun without me!" she said with a devilish smile. Laying her napkin on the table, Amanda stood up, blew them a kiss, and was gone.

Methos asked, "Where is she off to this time?"

Mac grinned. "Who knows? And with Amanda, I'm usually afraid to ask."

Joe pushed himself up from the table. "That's it for me too. This old man's ready to pass out."

Mac and Methos walked out with Joe and helped him into a cab. As it drove away, they turned in the direction of the barge. Walking along the street, laughing over parts of the dinner conversation, Mac felt content, as if for just this one night, all was right with the world. He hoped that Amanda was right, and that this was the beginning of better times.


A fine sleet was beginning to fall as Mac unlocked the door of the barge and held it open for Methos.

"Age before beauty."

Methos gave him a sardonic look as he brushed past him. "Very funny," He said as he shrugged out of his coat. "God, Mac, it's freezing in here!"

Mac grinned at his friend as he hung up their coats. "There should be enough alcohol in your veins to keep you thawed out long enough for me to get the fire going again."

"There's not enough alcohol in Paris for that." He was rubbing his hands briskly over his arms to try to generate some warmth. Where's that brandy?"

Mac looked over his shoulder as he stirred the fire. "Over on the counter. I never put it away."

"Anticipating a little late night celebration? Maybe you didn't know Amanda was leaving so soon?"

"Maybe it wasn't Amanda I was thinking of drinking it with," Mac said without thinking, as he positioned another log on the fire. Sitting back on his heels, he looked over in time to catch Methos' raised eyebrow.

Methos poured two snifters of brandy and carried them back to the living room. Mac removed the tie that had bound his hair and rubbed his fingers over his scalp. Looking up, he grinned at the bemused expression on Methos' face. "Is one of those for me, or are you planning to drink them both yourself?"

With a small grin, Methos handed Mac one of the glasses, and turned to ease himself down into the sofa. He took a sip of the brandy. "This is really good. It's not quite enough, though." He set the glass aside and rubbed his hands together. Looking around, he said, "Where's that blanket?"

Mac coughed, sending the brandy down the wrong way and up into his nose, where it burned. "What?" he sputtered.

"The blanket. The fur blanket I gave you this afternoon. Are you okay?"

Mac cleared his throat. "I'm fine." He cleared his throat again. "The fire is going again, it'll warm up in here in a minute. Have some more brandy." He went to the kitchen to retrieve the bottle.

Methos narrowed his eyes at the Highlander. "Mac…where's the blanket?"

"The blanket?" Mac cast his eyes around the barge. "Um…"

"Oh great, what happened? Did you spill something on it?"

Mac felt himself blushing, but couldn't do anything to stop it. "You might say that…"

The blush gave him away completely, and Methos laughed out loud. "No. Tell me you did not get amorous with my fur blanket!"

Mac instantly pounced on the opportunity to look outraged. "Your blanket? I believe you gave it to me. It's *my* blanket, thank you very much!"

Methos grinned. "You're welcome." His eyes traveled down Mac's body, pausing briefly at his groin before moving back up to his face. When he spoke, his voice was husky. "Had I known you were going to get so much enjoyment out of it, I'd have bought several."

The blush was back. Then they were both chuckling. "Several?" Mac asked.

"Yes." Methos stood and looked into Mac's eyes. "Yours", he said with a grin. Mac grinned sheepishly in return. "Mine", Methos said as he took a step closer. And ours." His eyes burned with a heat that was unmistakable, and a third step brought him so close that Mac could smell the scent of sandalwood in his hair.

Mac was frozen in place. That was definitely desire in Methos' eyes, he was sure of it this time. He became very aware of his heartbeat, his breathing, and the temperature in the room, which only a moment ago had felt so cold.

"Mac." Methos' voice was rough. "What would you do if I kissed you?"

Mac looked into those eyes and for a moment he couldn't find his voice. When he did, it held a note of wonder as he answered, "I don't know."

"Well," Methos said, reaching a hand up to touch the hair that fell around Mac's face, "let's find out, shall we?" He leaned in and brushed his lips across Mac's. Slowly, and gently, Methos tasted Mac's lips.

Mac responded to the kiss, sliding his hands around Methos' waist and pulling him in against him. His mouth opened, and Methos' tongue slipped inside to stroke against his own. He felt Methos' arms wrap around his body, and once again Mac was feeling that thrill shoot through him as his heart flipped inside his chest. He felt Methos grow hard, and his own erection pushed back in response.

Methos broke the kiss and pulled his face back, smiling into Mac's eyes. "That was a successful experiment. Let's try another." His left hand caressed the back of Mac's neck, while his right hand slid slowly down his body, coming to rest over the bulge in his pants.

Mac moaned low, and leaned into the touch. Letting his head fall back, he closed his eyes and let the seductive sensations flow through him as Methos caressed his cock through the fabric. He felt Methos' tongue slide up his throat, and he shivered. Reaching his hands up to Methos' face, he pulled him in for another kiss.

Mac's hands moved from Methos' face, down his neck, over his arms, and slipped under his sweater. This time it was Methos who shivered. Mac's hands massaged Methos' back, feeling the hard muscle under the warm skin. Releasing Methos' lips, Mac grasped the hem of the sweater and pulled it up over Methos' head before letting it drop onto the floor. Methos' nipples were hard, and Mac rubbed his thumbs over both of them. Methos gasped at the sensation, and moved to unbutton Mac's shirt and get rid of it as well.

Methos pressed the length of his body against Mac and kissed him again. The feeling of skin against skin infused the kiss with a deeper level of passion. Mac reached down and gripped Methos' ass, kneading and squeezing as they ground against each other. He slid one hand between them and tugged down the zipper of Methos' pants. He slipped his hand inside, feeling the heat of Methos' arousal. Quickly, he finished undoing Methos' pants, and then his own. Drawing out both their cocks, he pressed them together.

Mac broke the kiss to look down, fascinated at the sight of their cocks rubbing together. He didn't think he'd ever seen anything quite so erotic.

"Where's that blanket, Mac?" Methos asked.

"In the closet. I cleaned it off as best I could, but it needs to go to the cleaners."

Methos locked eyes with him. "I don't care. Get it."

Mac disentangled himself from Methos long enough to retrieve the fur blanket from his closet. He handed it to Methos, who turned and spread it out on the floor in front of the fireplace. Then Methos kicked off his shoes and pushed his pants and boxers down and stepped out of them. He tossed them aside and stood before Mac, waiting.

Mac watched Methos undress, feeling heat rising from his own body as the pale skin was exposed to his view. When their eyes met, Mac saw the question there. He answered it by removing what remained of his own clothing, dropping it on the floor behind him. He stood there for a moment, looking at Methos, knowing that this was one of those pivotal moments in his life. Whatever happened going forward, they couldn't go back now.

He stepped into Methos' arms and kissed him. His body was on fire, and yet he felt goose bumps break out over his flesh. Slowly, he worked his way down Methos' face, over his jaw, kissing and licking his way. Methos' head fell back as Mac traveled down his neck. He slid slowly down Methos' body, pausing to lick around first one nipple, then the other. Dropping to his knees on the fur blanket he took Methos' cock into his mouth.

Methos' hands tangled in his hair, and Mac knew Methos was watching his cock slide in and out of Mac's mouth. Mac breathed in the heady scent of sex and Methos, thinking it the most wonderful aroma. His tongue swirled around Methos as his hands caressed his ass. One hand slid down to cup Methos' balls, gently rolling and stroking them. He listened as Methos' heavy breathing became punctuated by gasps and moans, and he felt Methos begin to tremble. With a shudder and a loud cry, he came in Mac's mouth, and Mac swallowed the salty warmth.

Methos was still trembling when Mac released his spent cock, and he slid down, joining Mac on his knees on the blanket. Mac pulled him into his arms and tightened his grip, then released Methos and stood. He walked to the bed and fumbled around in the drawer of the bedside table for a moment before returning with a bottle of oil. His eyes were dark with arousal as he pushed Methos back onto the blanket. Methos moved sensuously against the fur, letting the softness caress his back and his ass.

Mac grinned at his lover. "The fur feels good on your skin, doesn't it?"

"Yes," Methos answered, his voice low and thick. "But you've got something else there that's going to feel even better." He looked down at Mac's cock, and if Mac had thought that he couldn't get any harder, he was wrong. He poured oil in his hands and smoothed it over his cock, his eyes never leaving Methos'

Mac leaned forward and Methos lifted his legs, hooking them over Mac's shoulders. Reaching down, Mac found Methos' entrance and teased it with his oiled fingers. He leaned over and kissed Methos, swallowing his moans as he pushed one finger inside.

Methos writhed on the blanket as Mac's finger worked inside him, gently stroking, twisting in an intimate caress. Methos' tongue was doing likewise, stroking the inside of Mac's mouth. Their bodies working in tandem, Mac felt Methos growing hard again. He stretched Methos wider, as he pushed a second finger inside. Methos moaned into Mac's mouth, and he pushed back, as if to get more of Mac inside of him. Mac's fingers rubbed over his prostate, causing Methos to break the kiss with a shout.


The sound of Methos calling his name thrilled Mac to the very core of his being. He slid his fingers out of Methos and used them to guide his cock to his lover's entrance. His lover. The thought filled Mac with amazement. He caught and held Methos' eyes as he pushed into him. Methos' eyes widened, and his face twisted in pain. Mac stopped pushing, holding still until Methos' body could adjust. Slowly, he felt Methos relax around him. The urge to move was strong, and still he waited. Methos opened his eyes and smiled, then reached up to brush away the beads of sweat that had formed on Mac's forehead.

Mac began to move. Slowly and by increments, he pushed in and pulled out, again and again, until he was accepted all the way inside. There were no more traces of pain on Methos' face, only pleasure. His hips came up to meet Mac's thrusts, and Mac reached out and wrapped his hand around Methos' cock. As he thrust into Methos, Methos thrust into his hand, and together they found a synchronized rhythm. The tight warmth sheathing Mac's cock was pulling his climax from him. He could feel it building, and he thrust harder, deeper, until it exploded inside him. "Methos!"

He felt Methos shudder hard beneath him, and the cock in his hand pulsed as Methos came a second time. Mac watched his face contorted in ecstasy, and thought he'd never seen anything more wonderful.

Mac collapsed on top of Methos with a groan. Methos wrapped his arms and legs around him, holding him tight. Slowly, as their breathing returned to normal, Mac let his softening cock slip out of Methos. Gently, he disentangled Methos' legs from around his body and they curled together on the fur blanket. The fire was burning brightly now, and it was warm in the barge.

Both men were speechless for several moments. In the space of one evening, their relationship had evolved into something new and wondrous. Mac was the first to break the silence.

"Wow. That was…"

"Yeah." Methos smiled into the curve of Mac's neck. "It really was. But you know what this means, don't you?"

"Yeah, now we really have to get this blanket cleaned," Mac chuckled.

"Not only that, we need more of them. I'm going to put fur blankets over the chair, the sofa, across the bed…you never know where you'll be inspired again," Methos said with a smirk.

Mac laughed, and Methos pushed himself up onto his elbows and looked down at him. "Actually though, I was thinking about Amanda's wish that tonight was the beginning of a wonderful year for you. I think it might be a wonderful year for me too."
He leaned in for a kiss, and Mac grabbed the sides of the blanket, bringing it up to wrap them both in a cocoon of furry warmth.




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