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Give and Take


Some days the usual methods just didn't work. Angel felt like crap. He looked into the cup of blood in his hands with disdain. Animal blood. Cow probably, from the smell of it. It's no wonder he felt so crappy after a diet of this stuff, what with all the hormones they feed cattle these days. Setting the cup down on his desk, he settled back in the big, leather chair. His eyes turned from the cup to the phone, and he knew what he needed.

"Doc?" he said into the receiver when the voice picked up. "I need to see you."


Methos opened the door and stepped out onto the rooftop. The garden was flourishing here on top of the building, and night blooming flowers glowed in the moonlight. His eyes adjusted to the dark quickly, and he saw Angel, looking up at the stars.

"It's been a long time, Doc."

"It has." Methos said.

Methos stepped close to Angel, breathing in his scent, anticipating what was to come.

Angel looked into his friend's face, reading the invitation in his eyes. Reaching out, he slid his hand around the back of Doc's neck and drew him closer. Slowly, he leaned over and ran his tongue over the pale skin on that neck.

Methos shivered. He felt the sharp stab of pain as Angel sank his fangs and began to drink. His eyes closed as the pain quickly subsided into intense pleasure and heat spread from his neck down through his body. The heat consumed him, and lightening exploded in his brain. His legs grew weak and he felt Angel's arms tighten around him, lowering them both to the ground. Five thousand years of images flashed through his head with such speed he couldn't possibly grasp any of it. His body was on fire, and he felt as though he was melting.

Angel reeled as the rush of human blood hit the back of his throat. He drew it into himself, reveling in the warmth as it flowed into his body, coursing through his veins. He saw the blur of Doc's life as it sped through his mind, not really catching much of what passed, but feeling the weight of it slam into him. Images and words. He never tried to comprehend all that he saw in Doc's mind. There was just too much. Instead he concentrated on the blood, and the heat, and the pleasure that came with it. Only with Doc could he give in to this need, and he surrendered to it gratefully.

The heart beat loudly in Angel's head. It slowed and finally came to a stop. Releasing Doc's throat, Angel licked at the blood trickling down its length. Stretching out, he gathered Doc's body into his arms and waited. Minutes passed. He felt the body that had grown cold from loss of blood begin to warm again, as it surged back to life.

"Doc?" he whispered.

Methos could feel the blood as it continued filling out his extremities. His entire body tingled with the feel of it. "Gods, what a rush," he said with a groan. Sitting up, he turned and looked into his friend's face, noting the warmer hue to the skin, and the lips turned up in a slight smile. Methos grinned. "Was it good for you?"

Angel smirked. "You could say that."




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